A group of essays that support the constitution

An EBITDA of 8% of sales. ARA establishes its Mechanical Division with the acquisition of ACES. ARA Fire expands to Melbourne Een goed schuurresultaat bestaat uit een homogeen geschuurd oppervlak met overal dezelfde krasdiepte, zonder opvallende plekken, krassen of kringen. Fire platforms. ARA experiences over 50% organic growth. ARA Group has a turnover of $97 million with no bank debt Through in-house turnkey electrical solutions, unparalleled fire safety, a full range and distribution of security systems, progressive energy management, dependable tailor-made door and distributed window solutions and sustainable building services, our seven divisions work together to deliver fully integrated infrastructure and facility solutions. With our team of experts supporting you and your company, ARA gives your business A Real Advantage. ARA Begins Operation. ARA acquires Sealeck Doors Advanced Building Technologies;  named 1 of the 5 best insolvency transactions of 2007 by Australia and New Zealand Legal Society. ARA Becomes an Employee Owned Company. ARA Security enters the security product distribution business. ARA Electrical enters the overhead high voltage service and installation business. ARA Group sets a record turnover of $201 million. ARA conducts a capital raising from its shareholders WindowsARA Acquires BASS ElectricalARA Acquires Monarch DoorsARA Acquires Automatic Fire Protection DesignARA Group establishes its Manufacture, Electrical, Security

Takes on new shareholders to ensure flexibility in capital structure. Due to the GFC, this is the only year in ARA s history to experience in a decline in sales ($201 million to $197 million). Sales grow organically by 42%. Sales grow to $280 million. ARA achieves records sales of $301 Million. ARA achieves a record EBITDA of $13 million. ARA implements a new branding and marketing initiative. ARA invests significantly in underground high voltage service and installation work. ARA Group invests in a fit out company. ARA invests in an emergency service and repair business. ARA Group establishes a new high voltage business in Singleton, NSW. Sales are a record $322 million. ARA sets record sales of $352 million. ARA sets a record EBITDA of $16. 6 million. ARA Building Services acquires two remedial building businesses. A strategic acquisition was made in the newly formed Distribution Division. A record amount of dividends was paid to shareholders. Pneumatisch gereedschap voor industrie en automotive
RODAC International levert een breed gamma pneumatische gereedschappen en toebehoren voor de industrie en automotive sector.
Ook werkplaatsuitrusting behoort tot het portfolio.

ARA Group is here to provide solutions for any and all challenges faced within your facility or infrastructure. Met de RODAC Green

Dankzij een uitgebreid dealernetwerk kan RODAC wereldwijd leveren. Wij willen u kennis laten maken met deze innovatie op persluchtgebied,
doormiddel van een uitgebreide brochure laten wij u zien welke
mogelijkheden er zijn en zullen wij u kunnen overtuigen van het brede
toepassingsgebied van onze PEA systeem!

Rodac levert een nieuwe generatie schuurmaterialen. 2x sneller schuren, 3x langer gebruikenDe kwaliteit van schuurpapier wordt vooral bepaald door de snelheid van het schuren en het schuurresultaat. The Central Coast. ARA Electrical expands to Wollongong. ARA acquires Advanced Security, Advanced Mechanical Schuurmaterialen profiteert u van de voordelen: A group of essays that support the constitution.

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