Advantages and disadvantages of learning english essay

In the sea battles of bygone days, a ship on the weather gage, or windward, side of an adversary s vessel would have the advantage of being better able to maneuver into a strategic position. Influence, or the power to secure favors. This expression is an older equivalent of the current to catch someone napping. catch napping To acquire an advantage over someone through his inattentiveness. As used in the phrase, however, napping does not carry its literal meaning of sleeping. The rebellion will be crushed. (W. A favorable status;

The expression s principal use still usually concerns war and fighting, although not necessarily of a maritime nature. He had got the weather gage of them, and for us to run down to them would be to run ourselves into the lion s mouth. (John Mackey Wilson, Tales of the Borders, 1835-40)go in with good cards To have reason to expect success; This expression originally had to do with the stealthy movement of troops without the enemy s knowledge. Ahead of the game; To get the better of. Successful; Slang expression, dating at least from 1942, was popularized by baseball announcer Red Is the shortest route. Well-off, set. Auckland, Journal and Correspondence, 1788-98)inside track An advantageous position granting one an edge over others; In stud poker a hole card is the card dealt face down in the first round. In racing, the inside track inner side of a curved track The exact origin of this 20th-century expression is unknown; McClure s Three Thousand Miles through the Rocky Mountains (1869) as the first use of this colloquial American expression. So expert is he with his faithful pistol that the most scientific of rogues have repeatedly attempted in vain to get the drop To steal someone s thunder; E. The man has no show whatever. (Atherton, Perch of Devil, 1914)in the catbird seat In an advantageous position or condition;

This expression is derived from a card player s foreknowledge of victory upon being dealt an exemplary hand. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. To anticipate triumph. The phrase maintains limited use in the United States and Great Britain. They went in upon far better Cards to overthrow King Henry, than King Henry had to overthrow King Richard. (Francis Bacon, Henry VII, 1622)have the ball at one s feet To be in a strategically advantageous position; Also sitting in the catbird seat. Another player s checkers literally advancing one checker in front of another one in order to win the game. That would allow the Government to permit wage rises to keep one jump ahead of prices. ( Sun, January 6, 1973)sitting pretty In a favorable situation or condition; A sleeping person or animal is easily taken off guard by another person or predator. J. To gain the advantage through quickness and alertness; Since an ace is the highest and most valuable card, the player who receives an ace as his hole card has a decided advantage. beat to the punch To get the drop on, to beat to the draw, to be a step ahead; Reilly s use of this boxing metaphor: To win at oneupmanship. Webster s Third cites W. In the British game of football (American soccer), whoever has the ball at his feet has the power to call the shots. Well-to-do; At an advantage; To be in the driver s seat.

Something advantageous held in reserve until needed, and especially until needed to turn apparent failure into actual success. On him. This original use referring exclusively to a fast draw may be related to at the drop of a hat. (See. ) The idea of covering a person with a gun before he can draw his own soon gave rise to the current figurative use. At any rate, we will not let Arcturus get the drop on the reading public. ( Texas Siftings, August, 1888)get the weather gage of To obtain the advantage over; It may come from the game of checkers in which one player jumps takes possession of Most sources cite the following quotation from Alexander K. A sleeping animal is an easy target. Barber during his 1945-55 radio broadcasts of the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball games. keep one jump ahead To advance or increase before someone or something else and thus maintain an advantageous position or superior status. By the mid-19th century, this Americanism was used figuratively to refer to any position of advantage. When a woman knows where she stands, and has the inside track, This expression has been in use since 1926. steal a march on To gain an advantage over, to get the jump on, to be a step ahead of. Walked out and tottered into the jail. (Charles Reade, It Is Never Too Late To Mend, 1856)All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. It means simply unawares, off guard, inattentive. get the drop on To have the advantage over someone; Advantages and disadvantages of learning english essay. Ace in the hole A trump card; It still retains connotations of furtiveness or secrecy. Happening to awake earlier than usual, he stole a march on his nurses, and To be in a superior, controlling position, such that one cannot be taken unawares. Beats you to the conversational punch by having his say before you have a chance to open your mouth. catch a weasel asleep To gain an advantage over something due to its inattentiveness. This expression can be used in regard to politics, personal relations, or any area in which there are plays for power as one person or group attempts to gain control. We have the ball at our feet, and if the Government will allow us This U. S.

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