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Contact us at: It is designed to accompany the Sourcebook on Solitary Confinement and expand on issues discussed therein. Sharon. [email protected] org Twitter: @solitary_org We are keen to include information on this web-site about practices of solitary confinement across the world, and to learn more about the experiences of those who were held in isolation as well as staff who work in solitary confinement units. As book by confinement crosscurrents default equality essay isi modernity. Efforts addressed to the abolition of solitary confinement as a punishment, or to the restriction of its use should be undertaken and encouraged
Principle 7, Basic Principles for the Treatment of Prisoners, 1990 With the exception of the death penalty, solitary confinement is the most extreme sanction which may be legally imposed on prisoners. Its adverse effects on the health and wellbeing of those subjected to it, particularly for prolonged periods, can be very serious.

This is a worrying development with potentially harmful consequences, not only for the individual concerned but also for the wider communities to which they will eventually return. This website is dedicated to examining the practice of solitary confinement in its various forms.

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Yet, in recent years there has been an increase in the use of strict, and often prolonged, solitary confinement in prisons and other places of detention across the world.

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