Essay disadvantages computer game

Rather it is a range of eyestrain and pain associated with frequent computer use. Obesity can increase your risk of heart attacks and diabetes, high blood pressure etc. You are falling behind in your academic studies and you don’t care. This form of addiction is another disadvantage of video games. Computer vision syndrome is a condition many computer users get by staring at a computer screen the whole day. So, the moment you come home, you switch on your game and sit and play because you really cannot think of anything else. Well, maybe there are advantages.

Too many calories with too little exercise results in obesity. The teenager who is struggling in school, instead of considering her studies, is playing a video game because she is addicted to it. It is very different to the focus you give when reading because a computer screen has a glare in the background, the screen flickers from time to time etc. These are far more crucial than a game. What is a video game? Are they good for you? But, the disadvantages greatly outnumber the advantages. Firstly, let’s consider the health repercussions of video games. We must be able to get up and walk away, have a good social life and lead a healthy life. Most often, constant use of computers or video games can cause blurred vision, double vision, headaches and eye irritation all related to computer vision syndrome. Video games can have many disadvantages for children. All you care about is overcoming your obstacles in order to get to the next level.

Video games are a part of today’s modern world. No. The father and son having a coffee and a milkshake are too busy playing video games to communicate. Your friends call you to go out, your term paper is due in a few weeks and all you that is on your mind is your video game. Continued focus on one thing can strain the eye muscles. In addition, usually when sitting in one place, one tends to munch on snacks, and these are not the healthy ones! Playing video games that have a lot of shooting and killing in them increases children’s anger and brings out aggressive behaviour. So, does this mean playing video games has to stop? You sit and play for many hours and forget about everything else. For example, according to research, violent games produce aggressive children. This electronic game involves human interaction with a user interface to provide visual feedback on a video device.

All you care about is forging ahead to the next level. I’m done for today”. It simply means that we must know when to stop and say “that’s it! So, a healthy life is out of the window and this is the main disadvantage of playing video games. Secondly, video games are addictive. This is similar to carpal tunnel syndrome. This is not a specific problem; According to research, playing video games increases the risk of various diseases including heart diseases, arthritis, diabetes and many more. Sitting in one place, moving your fingers or thumbs around, cannot be good for health. If you look around you, everyone is playing a video game. Essay disadvantages computer game.

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