Friendship and other essays henry david thoreau

Friendship is a donations-funded NGO. I really want to continue learning so I can pass on what I learn to my kids. ” Your donations help us support women like Mosammat. We work to create lasting solutions to the challenges faced by the poor and marginalized communities in Bangladesh. GREENPEACE s legendary Rainbow Warrior was transformed into a hospital ship. Q A commissioned by United Nations Foundation. National Geographic features article about Friendship and our efforts to preserve Bangladesh s rich boat-building heritage for future generations. Yann Arthus-Bertrand  helps raise awareness of the effects of climate change in Bangladesh in his film featuring Friendship. You can also view more videos or by visiting our We organize regular free health camps where specialists (local and foreign) operate and treat these patients. HOSPITAL SHIPS
Access to healthcare is a fundamental human right and yet the poor living in remote areas of Bangladesh do not have proper access to medical services.  People die from easily preventable diseases. To continue operating the Rongdhonu hospital ship, Friendship needs to raise 650.000EUR (representing about 12EUR per patient treated on board).

Designed by architect Kashef Mahboob Chowdhury, the center is a rural training centre. The Economist asks Ms Khan about the role of the private sector in improving healthcare services for under-served communities Thank you for giving! Friendship Centre receives 2016 Aga Khan Award for Architecture. It now offers free healthcare to the poor along the coast of the Bay of Bengal.

Friendship’s hospital ships are often the only hope people have of receiving medical aid. We fund six core programs in an integrated approach (see below). Our work with the poor began with Healthcare, but it soon became clear that to make a lasting impact on people’s lives we had to resolve other issues at the same time to break the cycle. Everyone should be entitled to basic healthcareEveryone has the right to an educationEveryone is entitled to equal rights and opportunitiesEveryone should be able to support their familyEveryone has the right to food, shelter and clean waterEveryone should benefit from preserving their national heritageMosammat is a 25-year-old mother. It s inefficient, unhealthy and dangerous (causing fires and serious burns). Friendship has helped improve living conditions by developing and providing access to low cost solar-powered lighting. MEDICAL HEALTH CAMPS
Cataracts, cleft palate, club foot and burn contractures are some of the conditions seen frequently amongst the char inhabitants.

Help us continue to bring lifesaving healthcare to the poor in otherwise inaccessible areas. The Rongdhonu hospital ship may be the only hope these people have of receiving medical aid. SOLAR-POWER LIGHTING
Kerosene lamps are the traditional source of lighting in poor rural areas. Friendship and other essays henry david thoreau. She never attended school as a child and was completely illiterate until recently when she chose to attend Friendship’s Adult Literacy Program. “Now I can read and write.

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