Good fences make good neighbours opinion essay

Reiterates the confusion that the proverb suggests. This research article, complete with citations, traces the history of the quote by presenting international references including German, Norwegian, Russian, Japanese and Hindi versions of the quote. Even is known to have said, Love thy neighbor, yet don t pull down your hedge. History and significance of an ambiguous proverb However, the statement represents feelings common to many cultures and other versions of this proverb predate Frost s poem. Create and save customized word lists. How can neighbors come together if they are divided by fences? Consequently, no one person can claim to have said this.

According to Wolfgang Mider, the author of Good fences make good neighbours: The speaker does not understand the purpose of the fence; As Mider points out, these sentiments are not totally contradictory. Mider s article appeared in, volume 114, issue 2, published in 2003.

Given how many different cultures have versions of this proverb, it represents a very common sentiment among neighbors everywhere. s poem,, The most notable use of the quote in English Literature belongs to Robert Frost who used the line in his poem Mending Wall. This quote seems to be contradictory in nature. Sign up today and start improving your vocabulary! Please set a username for yourself.
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Presented at the Twenty-First Katharine Briggs Memorial Lecture in November 2002, a version of this proverb exists in many different cultures and languages. In the poem, two neighbors walk the length of their dividing wall each spring to mend whatever has fallen off. The speaker has no alternative but to continue this ritual with his neighbor each year despite his own belief that mending the wall is a waste of time. This specific quote could be attributed to Robert Frost who used it in one of his early poems. However, his neighbor merely repeats the phrase, good fences make good neighbors. Good fences make good neighbours opinion essay.

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