Teaching chess and life essay

And I don t just mean by making monetary donations. We know that these are qualities that school administrators, parents, and teachers desire for their students.  1855 Piedmont Road
Suite 100
Marietta, GA 30066-4271Phone: 770-575-5802
[email protected] comMonday – Friday
9: 00 a. m. He is very knowledgeable about chess and I appreciate that he guides younger players to a better move And explains a wrong move. Coach Lee is awesome and so very patient with the students. At Kid Chess®, kids come first.

We have already registered for this year. He is ready and waiting to begin. As our school year now draws to a close, we are all busy preparing for a restful summer. Challenged, you kindled an interest in the game in some of the reluctant beginners. He attended the second session both semesters. I ve seen you and your family at many school events and you re always willing to come out and play chess with the students. The kids had a terrific time! I appreciate the promptness of your staff and their interactions with the students are positive. Again, a sincere thank you. Our programs bring the benefits of chess to children in a manner that is both engaging and fun.

  • We have been teaching chess to kids in schools and in our Marietta East Cobb facility for several years. You re a wonderful Partner in Education but you re also a wonderful parent who truly supports our school. Bethel benefits greatly by having your chess program. Learn more about our homeschool programs here. Our unique staffing approach utilizes the talents of both tournament chess players and educators. We really saw improvement in his game and thought process by the end of the year.

    She plans to continue in second grade this year In doing so, I wanted to make sure that you know how pleased we are that you chose to partner with us in educating children in our community. The coaches are so entertaining and instructional, great with the kids. They kept the class focused and on track. I cannot say enough about how wonderful, friendly, and energetic they are!! Learn more about our after school programs here. Chess is extremely popular amongst home school students with hundreds of home schoolers participating in the Atlanta area. We are looking forward to next year! She absolutely loves Coach Keith and Coach AJ. Thanks for offering this awesome program, Our son LOVED the program last year. Thank you for such a great program! Thank you AGAIN for sending us these terrific coaches. Our instructors are among an elite group chosen for their chess playing ability as well as their ability to work with children, parents, and schools, and each instructor must pass in-depth background checks.

    Playing chess has proven to help students enhance their creativity, improve their power of concentration, develop and expand critical thinking skills, boost memory and retention, and achieve superior academic performance. Additionally, chess has been shown to augment problem-solving capabilities, provide cultural enrichment, advance intellectual maturity, and enhance self-esteem. We are a child centered program with highly qualified and experienced chess coaches. Sincerely, Thank you for all the generous donations you ve made this year to my committee.

    Even though the class was a good size, and they only met once a week, I could tell when they gave out trophies that they really had taken the time to know each child. I just wanted to let you know how awesome Kid Chess is and how much our daughter has LOVED it this year. We are so thankful for your support and want you to know how much you are appreciated. Mt. You ve helped make Mountain View a better school and I appreciate everything you ve done so much! We want to thank you for the outstanding presentation of chess to our Target students. She started in January as a novice first grade player at school and then attended the camp at Findley Oaks this summer. I do plan to sign her up again, but I also wanted to let you know what wonderful teachers you had there last year. They were wonderful and so patient with all the kids. To 5: 00 p. m.
    Closed weekends and some holidays Not only were our experts We appreciate all that you are doing! My daughter took your class last year. Chess develops analytical, synthetic and decision-making skills that can be applied to real life. Chess encourages children learn to focus, plan, and persevere through challenges, building self-confidence. Chess enables the child to gain insights into the nature of competition which will help them in any competitive endeavor. I have been extremely pleased with the way things are being run at Rocky Mount. Teaching chess and life essay.

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