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Nicole Rodriguez – 3rd PLACENearly everything we depend on is either made from metals and minerals or relies on metals and minerals for its production. Along with unmatched networking opportunities, MMA provides the advocacy and representation necessary for overcoming regulatory obstacles to new and expanding operations. We are working to assure that all of the communication links between members and our association are accurate and well defined. One of MMA’s primary functions is to promote and enhance the public perception of mining by sharing the compelling story of the industry’s longevity and modern advancement. Mining provides the necessary materials for our everyday lives. MMA is a voluntary trade association comprised of members from every sector of the mining industry. MMA serves the industry and influences public opinion and public policy through the expertise of its members. Congratulations to the 2015-2016 MMA 8th Grade Essay Contest Winners!
Hans Skovlin – 1st PLACE;

An important contributor to our economic fabric dating back to Montana’s territorial days. Simply note that you have completed payment online on your submitted application if paying for dues. Please update your contact information by filling out the Contact Information Form found. Please see the for our updated contact information. Join the MMA or renew your membership for 2016. MMA closely monitors issues of concern for our members, and provides industry representation before Montana’s decision makers, including elected officials at the state legislature, and various state and federal regulatory agencies. MMA provides key information to its members, and distributes educational information to the general public, through a variety of outlets, about the many contributions of mining to our state’s economic well-being. A Draft Environmental Assessment was released in February for a 45-day comment period.

Our primary purpose is to protect, preserve, and promote mining We ask for and welcome your assistance in identifying and correcting any mistakes in our records. Furthermore, we take pride in our industry’s ability to afford countless Montana families and graduates from local universities the opportunity to prosper from well-paying employment. MMA works in close cooperation with other state and national mining associations, natural resource trade associations, and groups with similar needs and interests to combat regulatory overreach and other cumbersome proposals threatening the future of business development. MMA encourages the membership of any company or individual seeking to do business in Montana’s mining industry. To become a member of the Montana Mining Association, please use the following form: You may submit your Annual Dues or Annual Meeting Fees payment with a credit card from. Please submit your comment using the following link:   [ ]For nearly a century, the Montana Mining Association (MMA) has served as the Treasure State’s foremost advocate for mining interests in the Montana.

Almost every single item you use contains minerals and metals. It will only take a minute of your time. The deadline for comment is Monday, April 4, 2016. Will Erving – 2nd PLACE; Founded in 1919, MMA is committed to helping all parties involved in mining endeavors, from large companies, to small and independent miners and service providers, navigate through a complex regulatory environment to succeed in Montana’s business climate. Web mining essay.

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